Meet Andrew Buchanan, Owner of McCanan Construction
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Started in: 2019
Online Reviews: Rated 40 Stars

This is a page about Andrew Buchanan, who owns McCanan Construction. His company is in Aurora, Colorado. They started their business in 2019 with excellent online reviews, with 40 stars!

About Andrew Buchanan:
Andrew has been working in construction for a long time. He knows a lot about building and fixing things. People trust him because he’s very good at what he does.

What He Does Best:
Andrew is good at making roofs and doing remodeling. This means he’s skilled at fixing roofs and making homes look better.

Andrew started his company called McCanan Construction in 2019. Since then, his company has become famous in Aurora, Colorado. People love their work so much that they give them 40 stars in online reviews.

Important Websites to Know:
If you want to learn more about what Andrew does, you can visit these particular websites:

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    They know a lot about roofs and can teach you more.
  2. National Association of Home Builders:
    This group can help you understand houses and how they get better.
  3. Angie’s List:
    You can see what other people say about Andrew and his company here.
  4. Better Business Bureau:
    This website helps you check if a business is good and trustworthy.
  5. Roofing Contractor Magazine:
    This industry publication offers articles, news, and resources for roofing professionals and homeowners interested in roofing topics.
  6. CertainTeed:
    CertainTeed is a well-known manufacturer of roofing materials and provides educational resources and information on roofing products and installation.
  7. Owens Corning:
    Owens Corning is another prominent roofing material manufacturer that offers information on roofing products and installation techniques.
  8. GAF:
    GAF is a roofing materials manufacturer that provides resources and tips for roofing professionals and homeowners.
  9. Roofing Institute:
    This organization offers roofing education, training programs, and resources on roofing best practices.
  10. Roofing Insights:
    Roofing Insights is a YouTube channel and website that provides valuable information, reviews, and tips related to roofing.
  11. HomeAdvisor:
    HomeAdvisor offers a comprehensive roofing guide with articles, cost guides, and tips for homeowners considering roofing projects.
  12. This Old House Roofing Guide:
    This Old House provides detailed guides and articles on roofing, including how-to instructions and maintenance tips.
  13. Building Science Corporation:
    Building Science Corporation focuses on the science of buildings and offers research and publications related to roofing systems and building envelope performance.
  14. Houzz:
    Houzz is a popular platform for home remodeling and design. It offers homeowners and professionals a wealth of inspiration, articles, and resources.
  15. Remodeling Magazine:
    This publication provides articles, industry news, and trends related to remodeling projects.
  16. National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI):
    NARI is a professional organization for remodelers, and its website offers resources, education, and tips for homeowners and contractors.
  17. Better Homes & Gardens:
    This well-known magazine and website offers remodeling ideas, inspiration, and DIY guides.
  18. The Spruce:
    The Spruce provides articles and guides on various aspects of home remodeling, from kitchen renovations to bathroom makeovers.
  19. National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA):
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  20. Professional Remodeler:
    Professional Remodeler is a publication that caters to remodeling professionals, offering industry insights and best practices.
  21. Family Handyman:
    Family Handyman offers DIY remodeling, home improvement tips, project plans, and how-to guides.
  22. Bob Vila:
    Bob Vila, a well-known home improvement expert, offers remodeling advice, project guides, and product recommendations.

By visiting these websites, you can learn more about what Andrew does and see that he’s good at it. So, if you ever need help with your home, you know who to call – Andrew Buchanan from McCanan Construction.

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