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The kitchen is an important part of a home. Aside from the obvious fact that it is where meals are prepared, families often gather to interact.

As the best Aurora remodeling company, we take on any kitchen remodeling project as no job is too big, small, complex, or easy to handle. Our qualified team of kitchen designers and contractors has been equipped with the latest modern tools, equipment, and materials needed to deliver the best quality services within your budget.

It does not matter if you’re constructing a new kitchen or remodeling it to switch things up in your home. Our Aurora, CO-based team at McCanan Construction can meet your needs and exceed your expectations for an Aurora CO kitchen remodeling.

Here are some of the top-notch kitchen components we can upgrade:

We Also Offer the Best Kitchen Cabinets

We work with various cabinets that include all styles, colors, materials, and designs. So if you are more old school and would like your kitchen to have a matching personality, we can make that happen.

High-quality Backsplashes

Your wish is our command at McCanan Construction. You have nothing to worry about as our designers know how best to present your ideas to our Aurora, CO kitchen remodeling team, who would then execute them. We understand that each homeowner is peculiar, which has informed how we relate with our clients. When choosing the best backsplash to accompany your countertop and general kitchen design, we consider your cooking habits and preferred style.

Expert Appliance Recommendations For a Perfect Theme Integration

Sticking with the theme might seem unnecessary to some. Still, we know howKitchen Remodeling in Aurora CO oddly satisfying it can be when everything, including your appliances, flows with the theme of your kitchen remodel. Our expert remodeling team is knowledgeable in this area and can recommend the best appliances to suit your chosen design and serve you for decades.


Here at McCanan Construction, we are well-known for the quality of our services, and we intentionally made this our narrative amongst homeowners in Aurora, Colorado, and surrounding areas. We achieved this by building a trusted relationship with our contractors, vendors, and manufacturers within the industry so we can provide you with the best materials and workmanship at an affordable rate.


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McCanan Construction, Trusted and Insured Contractor can help you with any part of your remodeling project.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen remodel costs can vary widely based on the size of your kitchen, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room. On average, you should spend between $12,000 and $35,000 for a full kitchen remodel.

The timeline for a kitchen remodel can vary greatly depending on the scope of the project. On average, you can expect a complete kitchen remodel to take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. This includes the design phase, ordering and receiving materials, and the actual construction process.

Yes, many people do stay in their homes during a kitchen remodel, but it can be a bit disruptive. You’ll need to set up a temporary kitchen area in another part of your home, and you’ll be dealing with noise and dust. Some people choose to time their remodel around a vacation or a stay with family or friends.

It depends on the extent of your remodel. If you’re just replacing cabinets or appliances, you may not need a permit. However, if you’re doing more extensive work like moving plumbing or electrical wiring or changing the footprint of the room, you will likely need a permit. Always check with your contractor or local building department to be sure.

Trends can change from year to year, but as of now, some popular trends include open shelving, bold colors on kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, smart kitchen appliances, and eco-friendly materials. However, it’s important to choose a design that you love and that will stand the test of time.

Areas We Serve

McCanan Construction LLC is located and provides remodeling services to Aurora and the surrounding areas including; Aurora CO, Arvada, Dacono, Fort Lupton, Keenesburg, Wheat Ridge, CO & etc.

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State of Colorado 

Colorado, a western U.S. state, has a diverse landscape of arid desert, river canyons and snow-covered Rocky Mountains, which are partly protected by Rocky Mountain National Park. Elsewhere, Mesa Verde National Park features Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. Perched a mile above sea level, Denver, Colorado’s capital and largest city, features a vibrant downtown area. 

Capital: Denver

Points of Interest: Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Colleges and Universities: University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, University of Colorado


City in Colorado

The City of Aurora is a home rule municipality located in Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas counties, Colorado, United States. The city’s population was 386,261 at the 2020 United States Census with 336,035 residing in Arapahoe County, 47,720 residing in Adams County, and 2,506 residing in Douglas County.

Area Code: 422Roofing in Aurora Colorado

Top Sights: Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, Cherry Creek State Park

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