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After gaining a decade’s worth of experience while working at one of the most reputable construction companies in Denver, Andrew Buchanan launched McCanan Construction in 2019. Prior to this, the two had worked at another of the city’s leading construction companies. They have been in the construction business for more than ten years, have witnessed the industry’s development, and are able to utilize these changes in order to increase the quality of their work.

They have been successful in establishing McCanan Construction thanks to their collaboration with a team of expert contractors that are committed to building a construction company that provides the safest, most reliable remodeling services in the greater Denver area. Andrew and the rest of the team are well versed in offering all kinds of interior and exterior remodeling services to their customers, such as bathroom, kitchen, basement, and attic remodeling services for residential buildings, to mention a few.

McCanan Construction Offers Top-Tier Services! 

Our service is never anything less than our absolute best. In Aurora, we do the most for each and every one of our customers. The dedication, years of expertise, and in-depth education that our team has helped them get such good ratings because their work speaks for itself.

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