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After gaining a decade’s worth of experience while working at one of the most reputable roofing firms in Denver, Andrew Buchanan and Joshua McCarthy launched McCanan Construction in 2019. Prior to this, the two had worked at another of the city’s leading roofing companies. They have been in the roofing and building business for more than ten years, have witnessed the industry’s development, and are able to utilize these changes in order to increase the quality of their work.

They have been successful in establishing McCanan Construction thanks to their collaboration with a team of trained roofing experts that are committed to building a roofing business that provides the safest, most reliable roofing services in the greater Denver area. Andrew, Joshua, and the rest of the team are well versed with offering numerous roofing solutions to their customers, such as the repair, maintenance, installation and replacement of residential and commercial roofs, to mention a few.

Unrivaled Roofing Services in Aurora

The expansion of our clientele serves as a driving force behind our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our roofing services. We take immense delight in our work. Our clients keep choosing  McCanan Construction because our professional roofers do the job perfectly every single time. Our roofing experts have received extensive training and are certified in their field.

McCanan Construction is the lifetime roofing expert you’ve been looking for. Even when the weather outside is blisteringly hot, we will ensure that the temperature inside your home is comfortable. We also have a professional and pleasant team who would provide you with the finest experience you’ve ever had working on a roofing project.

McCanan Construction Offers Top-Tier Services! 

Our service is never anything less than our absolute best. In Aurora, we do the most for each and every one of our customers. The dedication, years of expertise, and in-depth education that our roofers have helped them get such good ratings because their work speaks for itself.

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Please don’t be hesitant about leaving a remark or review for us. Your comments will be taken under careful consideration. At McCanan Construction, we take our clients seriously and we love to improve. We would like to take our service up a notch to your satisfaction, and the feedback you provide will assist us in doing so.

Please recommend us! Tell everyone   McCanan Construction helped bring your dream home to life with a roof that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Reach out to McCanan Construction for all of your roofing requirements; they are the most widely rated roofing service provider in the greater Denver area.



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