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Why does my contractor want to see my insurance estimate?

If you are in the process of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim to repair or replace your roof, your contractor is likely to ask for a copy of your insurance scope of loss and not wanting to give an estimate. You may have seen the news about bad roofing contractors or even storm-chasing roofing scam artists. Therefore, you may be thinking twice about letting your contractor see your insurance estimate, but this is not a way for us to scam you. Rather, it is a way to be sure we are giving you the most accurate service possible. Let me explain….


1.     Your contractor needs to understand what is exactly covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies do not include items such as code upgrades. Other policies consider some roofing items as “cosmetic” damage. There are even ACV policies that only pay for a portion of the repairs. Your contractor should be able to go over these items with you and your insurance carrier upfront and get everything figured out for an accurate total price. Being able to work with you and your insurance carrier allows your contractor to prevent unpleasant cost surprises from coming up during the project.



2.     Adjusters base their estimates off a standard estimating program. Not all roofs are put on the same.  Sometimes, items on one roof are non-existent on another. Code requirements are different in each county and state. Not every adjuster who inspects your property is familiar with these codes. After a major storm happens, most insurance adjusters are hired from other states to assist with claims. Most importantly insurance adjusters do not install roofing, gutters, windows and siding. They do not understand exactly what materials and labor are required for it to be installed correctly. So, it’s always good to have your contractor go over your insurance scope to be sure that additional payment doesn’t need to be requested for items that were missed or paid incorrectly.


We get that there are some non-reputable roofing companies and dishonest contractors out there. For that reason, it is important that you choose a roofing contractor you can trust. Use referrals from trusted friends and neighbors and check the contractor’s online reputation. 

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